Ex-prime Minister Gujaral, Ruike and Thomas

Toshiaki Ruike was born in Aomori prefecture, northern Japan, as an eldest son of the craftsman of Japanese traditional Drum. But he was interested in civil engineering which is creating a big structure on earth; But he realized that any public work is not free for his creativity in Japan, so he inclined to fine art.
He was operating abroad, and made an exhibition with local painter, Thomas, in India, in which he exhibited works rooted in NPB, and it was introduced in TV and newspapers. Ex-prime minister Gujaral reviewed and showed us respect, because his brother was a painter.

Fig.9 Painter in front of
"Self-portrait with Mask" in 2004
RUIKE Toshiaki
1977 Incentive award in Exhibition Salon de Bozarl
1979 Study of Fine Art in Famous School by Kodansha Ltd. Publishers
1979 Art Contest in Famous School
1980 Exhibition of Famous School
2003 - 2004
Work in India for total of 12 Months, and held an Exhibition with an Indian Painter in Kerala
2005 - 2008
Work in Syria and Iran for total of 17 Months, having friendly relationship with Iranian Painter.