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New Concept, First approach ever in the World
By Japanese Artist Toshiaki RUIKE

Painter Toshiaki Ruike carried out painting in bath room as following background.
He went on a visit to India, Syria and Iran, and established friendly relationship with local artist. They were interested in his identification on works which he never was aware of it before.
At that time, he made water color painting and Japanese calligraphy on paper, and he was eventually aware of his identification and common concept hidden under his Japanese mind, it was fragility of universe. He called his concept as "Fragile Art", originally he worked on the series of fragile love, fragile human life, and so on.

Now he believes that all creatures, even artist's activities are fragile but beautiful, so he started erasing his painting on wall in bath room; and he feels good to draw on big wall and it's easy to erase in bath room, he took photo while erasing by shower; so that he called his fragile work as NEW PAINTING IN BATHROOM (NPB or Bath Painting for short).
What someone said NPB would be a kind of graffiti is not true , because nobody has ever seen before, he painted on wall or on wash basin of Bath Room, and erased it, so when he came out from Bath Room, there was nothing on wall.

He triumphed to control of water, so that interesting beautiful texture was emerged.
NPB is made by simple technique, though it shows an abundance of beauty, and come back to life on paper by digital printing technology.


Exhibition of NPB will be held on 13th to 18th Apr 2009 at "Exhibit Live & Moris", Tousei bldg. 8-10-7 Ginza.

Exhibit Live & Moris