Description of Work

NPB on Wall

Iranian lady never show her hair, Fig.1 is painting of the surprise of him when he saw Iranian madam wavering beautiful hair in home. Beautiful egg plant is sleeping by her.
I eat you!-1st washing Ver.
(a work while washing "Tabechau-zo!")
The other day, he faced difficulty and stood in front of a wall, he drew the image of difficulty of NPB as Fig.2, motif was a Goddess of battle in Delhi national museum.
On this painting, painter used oil pastel because of easiness for washing of bath room.
Difficulty-1st washing Ver.
(work while washing)


Painter prefers chicken for motif, because chicken is a metaphor of fragility for him on as the following.

  1. When he was a child, he brought up a baby chick, after all a cat killed her hideously. He cared for the chick took in light bulb for heater at chill night, looked all day at beautifully grown chicken.
  2. He observed chicken in India, and felt spirit of creature to it. On looking back it’s history, chicken is a creature raised for of human purpose by zoo-technology, that kind of animals are fragile for disease.
Fig.3 is a collage work on wall, watered wall adsorb a paper instantaneously, and a paper shrinks, and the work can be carried out fast, so that interesting texture is made.
Fig.3 Hommage to McCain

NPB on Ceramic

"Eye in Chaos" (negative)
"Bath Calligraphy" (negative)
"Looking for Persian cat" (negative)

Painting on ceramic is easy to erase, and as the surface of ceramic is 3 dimensional, it makes a beautiful and complicated form. When oil pastel meets water and color, they form chaos. Fig.4 is Iranian traditional eye emerged on ceramic, eye is watching bad thing instead of human in Iran, hanging on door for decoration. Painter sometimes picks up a negative picture for work. Painter is chirographer in Bathroom at a time, Fig.5 is calligraphy in Bathroom. One day, he wanted to see a real beautiful Persian cat in Tehran, there was a cat in LAR Park, but no Persian cat. Fig.6 is a drawing of vagabond looking for Persian cat.

NPB on Mirror

Regarding painting on mirror, while washing, a work placed in front of mirror emerged on mirror waveringly. That was the oil work on canvas which was commemorated for NPB, named "Birth in Bath". Contour is Mt. Fuji.
Fig.7 "Fluctuating BIRTH in BATH"


NPB is not graffiti or vandalism either, so painter should clean the joint of tile completely after painting.

  1. As color, especially Japanese ink penetrates to the cracks or cement joints of tiles, painter should make up joint by acrylic white color or Japanese white ink before painting.
  2. Painter should draw as fast as possible in order to prevent penetration of color, so that tension-packed scene will grow up for painter.
  3. Japanese ink will penetrate by all means, so after drawing, painter should have plenty of cleaning time, more than drawing time. Brushing with tooth paste is a good stuff for cleaning and sometimes painter makes up by acrylic white color or Japanese white ink on cement joint.

So anyone who doesn't like cleaning would never like to do Bath Painting.